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Our International journals were developed with the aim to support researchers to grow at international levels - research scholars, scientists, professors, post-docs and students who are seeking publishing opportunities for their research work.

Our journals aims to publish high-quality, peer-reviewed research that will serve to create a innovative information of the human  dimension to disseminate in the society.

Engineering Journals series aims to encourage the development of research on critical issues and to provoke scientific work by the publication of analysis and experiences of scientific peoples in various interdisciplinary world and to be a global unique point for high quality publication of articles with scientific standard.

Our Open access journals aims to explore the innovations surrounding the inter-disciplinary interaction from various perspectives, and to encourage cooperation among all scientific and between the academic and business fields.

Journals are equally interested in the biological, computer science, Information technological and industrial viewpoints, and  focuses especially on interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary fields.

International Journals emphasizes on current, innovative, developing and applicable methods in their respective fields.  Articles are assessed based on research, originality, innovative, applicability, scientific standards, case study and relevance.

International Journals are especially bonded to publish research work that combines theory and practice in respective work.

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