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The effect of density and inflorescence removing on yield and yield components of potatoSolanum tuberosum L
Ali Nasrollahzadeh Asl
Reorganization plan in the maintenance and sustainability of forests and natural resources (the Jafroud, Guilan)
Nabiollah Ashoori Vanghah,.
The Effect of acute exercise on changes Liver enzymes (ALT?ALP?AST) in Non-athletes middle-aged women with hypertension
Aidin Valizadeh,..
Isolation of E. Coli Bacteriophage from Raw Sewage and Comparing Its Antibacterial Effect with Ceftriaxone Antibiotic
Seyed Mostafa Imeni,..
A Review on Pollution Sources of Rivers with Regard to the Origin of their Production
Mohammad Yousefinejad
Molecular Identification of Transgenic Tomato in Iran by P35S Promoter-Based PCR
Mohammad Hassan Shahhosseiny,.
A study on effect of Rice bran Ash in removal of tetracycline in the aquatic environment
Seyed Mostafa Khezri ,..
Statistical analysis of geotechnical parameters of Tehran Coarse-grained alluvial deposits with a special focus on Situ shear properties of the soil
Farzad Amiri,.
Atorvastatin effects on liver enzymes, antioxidant content and paraoxinase 1: An animal trial study
Pegah Barzegar,..
Association of rs1527423Polymorphism in Gene related To MiR-106b with breast cancer risk in Iranian women
Amir Hossein Behnia,..
Study of biochemical and organoleptic characteristics of acidic alcoholic fermentation milk (kefir) as a dietary food for people suffering from lactose intolerance
Mahsa Nemati,..
Evaluation of the Effect of Nitrogenized Bio Fertilizer and Titanium Dioxide Nanoparticles on Phytoremediation of Corn Plant in the Presence of Chrome
Fatemeh Naghavi
Investigation of I405V Polymorphism in the CETP gene and association with metabolic syndrome parametersin an Iranian population
Mahshid Mohammadian,..
Simulation of the Variation of Groundwater Quality using ANN in Lailakh plain
Semko Rashidi,.
Historical analysis of the concept neighborhood in Iranian-Islamic city and comparing it with neighborhood in West
Mustafa Khazaei and Moslem Babajani
A Study on the Consequences of Urmia Lake's Water Level Decline on the Surrounding Area's Vegetation Using NDVI  during the Last 15 Years
Hossein Pan, S.Ali Almodaresi, Ali Ardakani and Mostafa khabazi
Evaluation of leptospirainterrogans outer membrane protein Ompl37 linear and conformational epitopes
Fateme Sefid.,
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