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S. N
Isolation of beta-galactosidase from a yeast sp. isolated from whey
Manjusha S Dake and khushbu Gupta
Characterization of extracellular thermophillic cellulase from thermophilic Geobacillus sp. isolated from Tattapani Hot spring of Himachal Pradesh, India.
Parul Sharma, Sonika Gupta, Anuradha Sourirajan and Kamal Dev
Bioremediation of Seafood Processing Plant Effluents Using Indigenous Bacterial Isolates
M. Divya, S.Aanand, A.Srinivasan, B.Ahilan and A.Uma
Phylogenetic Analysis of cfr Mediated Linezolid Resistance in Clinical Isolates of MRSA isolated from Eastern India
Sonia Jain,  Manideepa SenGupta, Navodhya Jindal, Soughata Ghosh and Chandradipa Ghosh
Siderophore Production from Fluorescent PSEUDOMONAS and Its Application for Plant Growth Promotion
Vinita S. Jagtap,Anirudh P. Bhagat,
Sharad R. Khandelwal and Anita V. Handore
Detection of constituent compound and antioxidant effects of essence oil of Polygonum aviculare in Sabzevar city
Malihe Sangsefidi,  Roghayeh Razeghi Jadid and Abdolhosein Roustaiyan
Iterative Reconstruction in Continuous Frame Theory
R. Ahmadi
Studying the impact of different amount of Phosphorus on lipids in Canola seeds in strain of Sarigol
Roghayeh Razeghijadid, Jafar Fatahi,
Khalil Pourshamsian and Mohammad HosseinFotokian
A study on detection and examination of sustainable architecture effects on decrease in fuel consumption and environmental pollutants
Sahar Kondori
The effect of salinity on some morphological and physiological characteristics of three varieties of (Arachis hypogaea L.)
Sareh Ebrahimi Nokandeh, Mansour Afshar mohammadian, Bentolhoda Damsi, Masumeh Jamalomidi
Comparison of Serum Inflammatory Markers and Alvarado Score in Diagnosing the Acute Appendicitis: A Prospective Multi-Center Study
Seyyed Hossein Shaker, Elham Zarinpoor,
Esmat Shabani
Groundwater Source qualitative parameters modeling by geographical Data system and chemical determination by Aq. QA software (Sonqor County)
Parastou Setareh, Seyed Mostafa Khezri and Somaye Fazeli
Prioritizing most important effective factors on contractors' claims in three-factor contracts using phase multi-criteria decision-making methods
Farzad hatami, Mahdi baniasadi and Saleh sadeghzadeh
Consolidated Control Downy Mildewonion Disease
Amin Abdollahpour and Alireza Niazmand
Development of software tool for prediction of signal peptidesand promoter region motifs in defense responsiveSubtilisin-like Protein of Glycine max (Soyabean)
Anil Kumar S. Katti and Rucha M. Wadapurkar
Toxins and Metabolites of Seed Borne Fungi Alters Seed Germination in Soybean
H. R. Aglave
Survey and Screening of Leguminous Plants from Marathwada Region for their Medicinal Properties
V. P. Mane and M. M. V. Baig
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