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Monitoring of cadmium toxicity on physiology and biochemistry of Alternanthera philoxeroides
Sindhujaa Vajravel and Poornima Saravanan
Chromium removal by a halotolerant fungal isolate Penicllium sp. Arikspf2 in submerged and immobilized state
Harshkumar R. Patel and Kirti Pawar
Effect of Nutrient Spray on Growth and Antioxidant Status of Brassica Juncea
Ritasree Sarma, Anjuli Pande and Sandeep Arora
A Study on recycling Organic Wastes through Vermicomposting
Vamsi Krishna Kamineni and Prathyusha Sidagam
Bio-Inspired Synthesis of Silver Nanoparticles Using Leaves of Millingtonia Hortensis L.F.
Ganesan V, Deepa, B, Nima, P and Astalakshmi, A
Determination of Genetic Diversity of Rhizobium Species Isolated From Root Nodules and DNA Fingerprinting by RAPD
Prasad .M .P
Heavy Metal Response Behaviors of Sulfur-Oxidizing Pseudomonas sp. PRK786
Periyasamy Rameshkumar, Shanmukhanand Pothana, Govindasamy Manivannan and Murugasan Murali
Identification, Cloning and In-Silico Characterization of Drought Inducible OsDREB2A Transcription Factor From Indica Rice Variety
Witharana Shanaka Imesh De Silva, Gelabalanage Anil Udayakantha Jayasekera, Neil Darrel Fernandopulle and Chamari Hettiarachchi
Combinations of shRNA Inhibits BTV Replication invitro in BHK21cells
Manju Elizabeth, P. and Sonahallipura Muniveketappa Byregowda
Clarification of Apple Juice with Laboratory- Produced-Pectinase Obtained From The Deterioration Of Apple (Malus domestica) fruitys by Aspergillus niger
Ajayi, A.A., Osunkoya, F.A., Peter-Albert C. F. and Olasehinde, G. I.
Analysis of Genotoxic and Cytotoxic Potential of Canned Food Products Using Microbial Bioassays
Ruchika Atri, Anuradha Singh, Nupur Mathur, Aagosh Verma and Suchitra Sharma
Effect of Different Gibberellic Acid Concentration on Pigeonpea (Cajanus Cajan [L.] Millsp.)  Cv. Manak (H77216) Via Cotyledonary Node Explants
Jharna Srivastava and Pramod K. Raghav
Purification and Characterization of A Novel Lectin From Geotrupes Stercorarius
P. Rama Devi, P. Kombiah, G.R. Learnal Sudhakar and C. Babu
Synthesis, Characterization and Antimicrobial Activity Studies Of N'-(2-(4-Oxo-2-Substituted Thiazolidin-3-Ylamino) Quinazolin-4-Yl) Isonicotino Hydrazide
P.S. Desai and P.J. Naik
Bio-Remediation of Dairy Industrial Sludge through Cultivation of Mushroom
Aagosh Verma, Anuradha Singh, Nupur Mathur, Ruchika Atri and Suchitra Sharma
Efficient Recombinant Strategy for the Production of Enfuvirtide In E.coli
Ravikanth Reddy Kosana, Srikanth Adepu, Radha Madhavi Kanumuri and Chitra Bajji
Production and Partial Purification of Fungal Pectinases from Areca Nut (Areca Catechu L.) Husk Waste under Submerged Fermentation
Kudureru Jayanna Naveenkumar, Basaiah Thippeswamy and Madappa Krishnappa
Molecular Phylogenetic Study of Earthworm Eudrilus Eugeniae
Raghavender K. Rao, Laxmi C. Mushan and Sana A. Shaikh
A Simple and Efficient Method for High Quality Genomic DNA Isolation From Cannabis Sativa Containing High Amount Of Polyphenols
Dahiya D.
Pain in Plane: A Case Report and Review on Barodontalgia
Vishal Mehrotra, Asheesh Sawhny, Kriti Garg, Shashank Gaur and Juhi Hussain
Microbial Succession of Saline Irrigated Soils of The Djizakh Steppe of Uzbekistan
Sayora S. Murodova, Vyacheslav V. Shurigin, Laziza A. Gafurova and Kakhramon Davranov
Present Status of Research on Resistance-Development for Major Fungal Diseases of Edible Banana
Sowmya  H.D, Sukhada Mohandas, Prakash M. Navale, Usharani T.R and Raiz mahmood
Enhanced Antimicrobials and Esterase Production Associated To Biofilm Formation by Two Estuarine Isolates in a Novel Polymethylmethacrylate Conico-Cylindrical Flask
Sreyashi Sarkar
Technology of Creation of Complex Microbiological "Pseudorhizobin" Preparation Improving Chickpea Growth and Productivity in Salinity Conditions
Vyacheslav Vladimirovich Shurigin
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