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Cold Active Extracellular Hydrolytic Enzyme Producing Culturable Heterotrophic Bacteria from NY-ÅLESUND, Arctic
Amar Nath Chattopadhyay, Arpita Dey, Pranab Roy, Sabyasachi Chatterjee, Pradipta Saha and Subhra Kanti Mukhopadhyay
Implementation of Biotechnology to Overcome the Challenge of Bacterial Antibiotic Resistance by Natural Sources
Gajanan K. Arbade, Rameshwar S.Kuptekar and Mangesh N. Kothari
Comparative Mitochondrial DNA Sequence and Amino Acid Analysis of the Cytochrome C Oxidase Subunit I (COI) from Two EEL Species, MONOPTERUS CUCHIA and MONOPTERUS ALBUS
Papari Devi, Chittaranjan Baruah and Dhirendra K. Sharma
Antioxidant Assay of Citrus Species Using Different Solvent Extracts by Reducing Power Method
Prasad .M .P and Ashwin Rajkumar .R
Stem Cell Based Therapies: A Review
Madhumita S. Tawre
Characterization of Actinomycetes from Soil Sample of Nahargarh Hill Area, Jaipur, India for Production of Antimicrobial Compounds and Enzymes
Charu Sharma, Aditi Agarwal, Payal Mehtani, Nupur Mathur and Pradeep Bhatnagar
Parasitic Study of Labeo bata (Hamilton, 1822) in Selected Districts of West Bengal, India
Gadadhar Dash, Biraj Bikash Sharma, Sandhya Chinna Rajesh and T. J. Abraham
Use of Corn Cob as Low Cost Adsorbent for the Removal of Nickel (II) From Aqueous Solution
Arunkumar, C, Perumal, R, Lakshmi Narayanan, S and Arunkumar, J
Phylogenetics Analysis of Some Leguminosae Family Species Based On RBCL Sequence Data
Sagar S. Patel and Dipti B. Shah
Studies on Phytochemicals and Steroid Isolation from N-Hexane Extract of Anisochilus carnosus
N. Kiruthiga and D. Sathish Sekar
Comparative Study of Citric Acid Production from Annona reticulata and Its Peel with Effect of Alcohol as a Stimulant
M. Sashi prabha and G. Subba Rangaiah
Isolation and Characterization of NBS-LRR Resistance Gene in Banana         (Musa AAB cv. Nendran)
Deby Anna Augustine and Anu Yamuna Joseph
A Study on Caffeine Effect of Tea on Health
Aishwarya Vijayakumar , Vinutha Moses , Soumya C  and Shobha G .
Stimulation of Callogenesis from Anthers of Chinery and Cambod Tea (Camellia sp.) Clones
CH Naga Pavan Kumar, E. Edwin Raj, R. Raj Kumar, P. Mohan Kumar and K. N. Chandrashekara
Efficiency Analysis of a Hospital Effluent Treatment Plant In Reducing Genotoxicity and Cytotoxicity of Hospital Wastewaters
Pratibha Sharma, Nupur Mathur, Anuradha Singh, Pradeep Bhatnagar, Ruchika Atri and Monika Sogani
Formulation of Buckwheat Cookies and their Nutritional, Physical, Sensory and Microbiological Analysis
Nidhi Chopra, Bhavnita Dhillon and Shruti Puri
Identification of Salinity Stress Responsive Proteins in Vigna radiata Var. radiata (L.) Wilczek Leaves
Mahendran V S, Prasanna RajeshKumar M, and Balakrishnan V
Contribution of Pon1 Polymorphism in Senile Cataract among Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Egyptian Patients
Ola M. Ali, Khalda Sayed Amr, Laila Kamal Effat, Amira A. Abdel Azeem and Shaimaa M. Hassan
PHA Synthase Genes in Oil-Degrading Marine Bacteria from the Colombian Pacific Coast
Dolly M. Revelo Romo, Marcela Concha Obando, María I. Gómez Perdomo and Pablo Fernández Izquierdo
Bromelain A Cysteine Protease: Helps To Reduce Infection Caused By Acinetobacter spp., A Nosocomial Pathogen.
Shweta Alai. P.
Anti-Tuberculosis Drug-Induced Hepatotoxicity: A Review
Khushboo Ambreen, Rolee Sharma, Kaleshwar P. Singh and Sudhir Kumar
Isolation and Screening of Cellulolytic Actinomycetes from Diverse Habitats
Payal Das, Renu Solanki and Monisha Khanna
Phylogenetic Analysis of Mangifera Using RAPD Molecular Markers
Prasad M.P.and Rekha Sethi
Green Synthesis of Gold Nanoparticles Using Neem (Azadirachta indica L.) Leaf Extract and Its Biomedical Applications
Birendra Kumar Bindhani and Ashok Kumar Panigrahi
Levels of Interleukin 33 and Interleukin 27 in Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteoarthritis Egyptian patients
Ola Sayed Mohammad Ali, Ashraf Ismail Mustafa Khalifa and Hanan Abd Elmawgood Atia
Effect of Degree of Milling (Dom) on Overall Quality of Rice-A Review
Shruti Puri, Bhavnita Dhillon and Navdeep Singh Sodhi
Molecular and functional diversity of PGPR fluorescent Pseudomonas isolated from rhizosphere of rice (Oryza sativa L.)
Neelamegam RameshKumar, Muthukalingan Krishnan, Chithan Kandeepan and Nagarajan Kayalvizhi
Qualitative Phytochemical Screening of Camellia sinensis and Psidium guajava Leave Extracts from Kericho and Baringo Counties
Kangogo K. Geoffrey, Kagira M. John, Maina Naomi and Karanja M. Simon
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