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From Gorlin-Goltz syndrome to Acro-Dermato- Ungual-Lacrimal-Tooth (ADULT) Syndrome; Phenotype based impressions.
Sima Joukar
The relationship of copingStrategies of (facing) stress and the source of control (inner/ outer) with the sport success in wrestling athletes in Kermanshah state.
Mojtaba Fatah Pour
The role of customer knowledge management in improving organizational performance and creating competitive advantage from viewpoint of Rahian Kermanshah football club fans
Mojtaba Fatah Pour
The Relationship between Organizational Learning and Organizational Innovativeness in the Youth and Sport Managements, in Kermanshah State
Mojtaba Fatah Pour
Fabrication and characterization of fibrin/carbon nanotubes electro spun composite scaffold for tissue engineering applications
Ali Valiani
Evaluation of caffeic acid derivatives ADMET as antiviral compounds
Reza Mohammad Hasan
Nursing students, experiences of incivility and received support in the clinical setting
Foozieh Rafati
Resveratrol -The Nutraceutical, Whose Real Time Has Come: A Systematic Review
Anita V.Handore
Relationship between coping strategies and quality of life of persons with spinal cord injury: a cross-sectional study in Iran
Mahsa Khodayarian
Evaluation of the effect of storage time on mechanical properties of universal adhesives
Mohammad Bagheri
Effect of Organic additives (PVP, SDS and PEG) on the synthesis of nanopowders of copper by pulsed electrolysis
Saeid Soleymani
Effect of additives of cellulose and thiourea on synthesis of nano copper powders via pulse electrolysis method
Pouria Hasanzade
The Edge Version of RANDI?, Zagreb, Atom Bond Connectivity and Geometric-Arithmetic Indices of NAPQ Nanotube
Hong Yang
Edge-Vertex Szeged Index of Titania Nanotube  
Huiqin Jiang
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